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7/14 Webinar: Technology platforms supporting remote workforce and asset management distribution oversight

This webinar will take place on Tuesday, July 14, 2020, at 2:00 PM EST

Mid-market mutual fund firms have long relied on the close and interpersonal environment of an office to manage their distribution channels, so what happens when that infrastructure is removed? Nimble businesses, like Thornburg, rely on platform technologies to make a seamless transition from the office to the WFH scenario, with no customer hiccups.

Take advantage of technologies designed to support the “what if” scenario, as our industry works through redefining the new reality of a remote workforce. No one expects the “what if” scenario to happen. However, Delta Data’s platform is designed to manage challenging dynamic business conditions.

During this exclusive webinar our speakers will discuss:

  • New methods of team collaboration

  • The right way to establish and run automated processes

  • Central data repositories

  • Keeping high-value personnel from becoming bogged down in remedial tasks

  • Maintaining an investment in human intellectual capital


Mike Mastroianni, Thornburg Investment Management
Whitfield Athey, CEO Delta Data  




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