Collective Investment Trusts

Whitepaper for CIT Scalability and Risk Reduction 
A 5-Year Review of Progress

The financial industry's historical uptake of new security products and its corresponding lag of operational proficiency is a well-worn path to maturity from a scalability and risk reduction perspective. This is similarly evident in the CIT structure. The first CIT was formed in 1927 and today, there is over 3 trillion AUM in CITs. This ramp-up in usage and therefore AUM has increased the financial and reputational risk shouldered by participating firms. This exclusive Delta Data white paper charts significant changes over the last five years, incorporating the 2015 report on the industry by the Coalition of Collective Investment Trusts, Delta Data’s extensive multi-year market research, and input from the recent Delta Data Collective Investment Trust annual event.

This paper will detail the recent historical improvement in data exchange, transparency, and communications used in the coordination of Collective Investment Trusts in the US Investment Management industry. Major themes addressed include key elements that have had the greatest impact on the industry, barriers to scalability, risk reduction and transparency in the industry, and guidance on moving the industry as a whole to the next level in its natural evolution.

Sample from the paper:

Three key elements put in place that has had the greatest impact over the past 5 years:

1) Limited but commercially supported data formats and corresponding data sets/services

(RPR) DTCC Retirement Plan Reporting

Form 5500 Data from DOL

Morningstar Product Performance / Public and Private CITs

NASDAQ Product Pricing via issuing CIT tickers

2) Delta Data CIT Corporate Actions Service Momentum gathered by CIT Coalition brings together disparate entities into the common forum to discuss and define the evolution of the industry

3) Financial technology companies increased support of the CIT product to improve the execution of the onboarding, processing and reporting.


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